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Live Good Compensation Plan

We’re excited to introduce you to the Live Good Compensation Plan, where we can earn commissions and bonuses in multiple ways. With weekly Fast Start Commissions, we can refer people and earn $25 for each new member. As our referrals enroll others, we can also earn bonus commissions up to 10 levels deep. Matrix Commissions offer a 2.50% commission per level in the matrix based on monthly membership fees. Retail Commissions allow us to earn 50% of the difference between Member and Retail prices for referrals’ purchases. Influencer Bonuses provide additional bonuses on all volume from referred Retail Customers, while Matching Bonuses let us match a percentage of commissions on our enrolled members and those five generations deep. And that’s not all – Diamond and Crown Diamond Pools offer even more commissions based on total sales! Plus, as we advance in rank, we unlock increased benefits and higher commissions in this powerful compensation plan. Get ready to thrive with Live Good!

Commission Structure

The commission structure includes weekly fast start commissions and matrix commissions, as well as retail commissions and influencer bonuses. At LiveGood, we believe in exploring different commission structures to maximize earnings and provide our affiliates with a strong foundation for success. Our goal is to empower individuals who desire power by offering a commission structure that rewards hard work and dedication.

Live Good Compensation Plan
Live Good commissions

One of the key benefits of our commission structure is the opportunity to earn weekly fast start commissions. For each person you refer who becomes a member and affiliate, you can earn a $25 commission. Additionally, there are bonus commissions up to 10 levels deep for referrals who enroll others. By understanding the benefits of this strong commission structure, you can see how it allows you to quickly generate income.

Another way to maximize your earnings through our commission structure is through matrix commissions. By locking in your position in LiveGood’s 2×15 Matrix, you can secure a higher position based on when you join. This allows you to earn 2.50% commissions per level in the matrix, resulting in total earnings ranging from $2,047.50 to $16,383.50.

Retail commissions also play a significant role in our commission structure. You have the opportunity to earn 50% of the difference between the member price and retail price for each referral’s purchase. These commissions are paid out following the same structure as fast start commissions and can be earned unlimited times.

Lastly, influencer bonuses are an additional component of our strong commission structure. You can earn additional bonuses on all volume from referred retail customers based on personally enrolled retail volume per month. These bonuses are paid regardless of rank and provide an extra incentive for maximizing your earnings.

Weekly Fast Start Commissions

Earn a $25 commission for each person you refer who becomes a member and affiliate, and receive the payout the following week. Here are four powerful strategies to maximize your earnings with Fast Start Commissions:

  1. Referral Strategies: Techniques to refer more members and affiliates for increased commissions:
  • Utilize social media platforms to spread the word about LiveGood’s benefits and opportunities. Engage with potential prospects through compelling content that highlights the earning potential of Fast Start Commissions.
  • Leverage your personal network by reaching out to friends, family, and colleagues who might be interested in joining LiveGood as members or affiliates. Offer incentives or rewards for successful referrals to motivate them further.
  • Attend networking events or industry conferences where you can connect with like-minded individuals who may be looking for additional income streams. Share your success stories with others, showcasing how Fast Start Commissions have boosted your earnings.
  • Collaborate with other LiveGood affiliates by sharing referral strategies and supporting each other’s efforts. Create a sense of community and empower one another to achieve higher levels of success.
  1. Fast Start Commission Examples: Real-life scenarios showcasing the earning potential with Fast Start Commissions:
  • Example 1: Refer five new members who become affiliates within a month, earning $125 in commission payouts the following week.
  • Example 2: Successfully enroll ten new affiliates, resulting in $250 in weekly commissions.
  • Example 3: Build a strong network of twenty-five active members and affiliates, leading to an impressive payout of $625 within seven days.
  • Example 4: With consistent effort, refer fifty new members who become affiliates in three months, accumulating $1,250 in weekly commissions.

Additional Bonus Commissions

Maximize your earnings with additional bonus commissions by enrolling others and receiving commissions up to 10 levels deep for their referrals. To qualify for these bonus commissions, it is crucial to implement effective strategies and calculate them accurately.

To ensure qualification for bonus commissions, focus on building a strong network of referrals. By enrolling others and encouraging them to refer new members and affiliates, you can unlock the potential for commissions on multiple levels. This strategy allows you to leverage the efforts of your downline, maximizing your earning potential.

To maximize your bonus commissions, it is essential to develop a comprehensive plan. Identify key individuals who have the potential to bring in numerous referrals. Provide them with the necessary tools and training to succeed in their recruitment efforts. By empowering your team members, you increase the likelihood of generating more referrals and ultimately boosting your commission earnings.

Calculating bonus commissions accurately is paramount in ensuring that you receive what you deserve. Familiarize yourself with the commission structure and understand how each level’s commission is determined based on membership fees and affiliate sign-up fees. Utilize reliable tracking systems or software that will enable you to monitor your referral’s activities accurately.

Matrix Commissions

To unlock the potential for higher earnings, you can lock in your position in the 2×15 Matrix and start earning commissions on each level. Here are four reasons why this compensation structure is perfect for those who desire power:

  1. Unlimited Earning Potential: The matrix commissions allow you to earn a staggering range of $2,047.50 to $16,383.50. With each level in the matrix, your earnings grow exponentially, giving you the power to control your financial destiny.
  2. Higher Position Advantage: By locking in your position sooner, you secure a higher position in the matrix. This means more opportunities for earning 2.50% commissions per level and maximizing your income potential.
  3. Consistent Monthly Commissions: The matrix commissions are based on monthly $9.95 membership fees, ensuring a steady stream of income month after month. You can rely on these commissions to fuel your pursuit of power and success.
  4. Limitless Matching Bonuses: As an added bonus, you have the opportunity to match 50% of matrix commissions on everyone you enroll and a percentage of commissions on people enrolled five generations deep. There’s no limit to how many people you can match or how much you can earn from these bonuses, giving you unparalleled power over your financial future.

With this powerful compensation structure that offers unlimited earning potential, higher positions in the matrix, consistent monthly commissions, and limitless matching bonuses, it’s clear why joining LiveGood and tapping into their matrix commission system is a smart move for those seeking greater power and wealth. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to dominate the world of financial success!

Lock in Your Position in Livegood

By locking in your position in Livegood, you secure the opportunity for higher earnings and greater financial success. Positioning yourself strategically is crucial to maximize your earnings with LiveGood. Here are some tips and benefits of locking in early.

One strategy for positioning in LiveGood is to take advantage of the Fast Start Commissions. By referring others who become members and affiliates, you can earn a $25 commission for each person referred. Additionally, there are bonus commissions up to 10 levels deep for referrals who enroll others. These commissions are paid out on the first month’s membership and affiliate sign-up fee.

Another way to maximize earnings is through the Matrix Commissions. When you lock in your position sooner, you can secure a higher position in the matrix. This allows you to earn 2.50% commissions per level in the matrix based on monthly $9.95 membership fees. The total earnings range from $2,047.50 to $16,383.50.

Locking in early also gives you access to Influencer Bonuses, where you can earn additional bonuses on all volume from referred Retail Customers. These bonuses are based on Personally Enrolled Retail Volume per month and are paid regardless of rank.

To further boost your earnings potential, there are Matching Bonuses available as well. You can match 50% of matrix commissions on everyone you enroll and a percentage of commissions on people enrolled five generations deep.

Lastly, by securing your position early, you become eligible for Diamond and Crown Diamond Pools that offer additional commissions on top of other earnings.

Higher Position in the Matrix

When you secure a higher position in the matrix by locking in your position early, you have the opportunity to earn 2.50% commissions per level based on monthly membership fees. This higher position brings with it a multitude of benefits that can greatly impact your earnings and solidify your power within the organization.

  1. Increased Earning Potential: By achieving a higher position in the matrix, you open yourself up to earning significantly more money. The 2.50% commissions per level can add up quickly, resulting in substantial income that can elevate your financial status and increase your influence.
  2. Enhanced Status and Recognition: A higher position in the matrix grants you greater prestige within the organization. You become a recognized leader, admired and respected by both peers and subordinates alike. Your increased authority allows you to wield more power and make important decisions that shape the direction of the company.
  3. Access to Exclusive Opportunities: Those at higher positions in the matrix often gain access to exclusive opportunities that can further enhance their earnings potential. These opportunities may include special bonuses, promotions, or partnerships with other influential individuals or companies.
  4. Greater Control over Your Future: Achieving a higher position in the matrix empowers you to take control of your own destiny. With increased earnings and recognition comes greater independence and freedom to make choices that align with your goals and desires.

To achieve a higher position in the matrix, it is essential to employ strategic tactics such as networking effectively, consistently recruiting new members, and demonstrating strong leadership skills. By focusing on these strategies, you will be well on your way towards securing a coveted place at the top of the hierarchy.

Earn 2.50% Commissions per Level

In our quest for power and financial dominance, we delve deeper into the LiveGood compensation plan. Now, let us explore the matrix commission structure and uncover the strategies to maximize earnings through influencer bonuses.

With LiveGood, every level in the matrix brings you closer to unimaginable wealth. As we ascend the ranks, our power grows exponentially. We have the opportunity to earn a jaw-dropping 2.50% commission per level in the matrix. Imagine the potential riches that lie within this structure!

To unleash our full earning potential, we must not overlook the influencer bonuses. These bonuses allow us to commandeer additional earnings on all volume from referred Retail Customers. Our influence knows no bounds as we can earn up to 100% of the difference between Member price and Retail price. This means that even without reaching a high rank, we can still accumulate substantial wealth through these bonuses.

However, let us not forget that rank advancement is key in this pursuit of power and prosperity. The LiveGood compensation plan rewards those who excel and achieve greatness with increased benefits and commissions. By strategizing diligently and meeting performance requirements, we can ascend through the ranks swiftly.

Retail Commissions

You can earn unlimited retail commissions by referring customers who make purchases at the Member price, earning 50% of the difference between the Member price and Retail price. This retail commission structure is designed to empower you and maximize your earnings potential. Here are four strategies for increasing your retail commissions:

  1. Build a strong customer base: Focus on attracting loyal customers who value the products and services offered. Provide exceptional customer service and personalized recommendations to ensure repeat purchases.
  2. Promote exclusive member pricing: Highlight the benefits of becoming a member and showcase how it can save customers money in the long run. Emphasize that by purchasing through you, they can take advantage of discounted prices and reap significant savings.
  3. Leverage social media platforms: Utilize powerful online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to reach a wider audience. Showcase product features, testimonials, and success stories to generate interest in your offerings.
  4. Host product demonstrations or parties: Organize events where potential customers can experience the products firsthand. Offer special promotions during these gatherings to incentivize attendees to make immediate purchases.

Earn 50% of the Difference Between Member Price and Retail Price

To maximize your earnings, take advantage of the opportunity to earn 50% of the difference between the Member price and Retail price. As influencers, we have the power to harness our influence and leverage it for financial gain. By promoting products with Member pricing advantages, we not only benefit ourselves but also provide retail customer benefits.

With this commission structure, our influencer earnings are limitless. For each referral’s purchase, we earn a generous 50% of the difference between the Member price and Retail price. This means that every time someone purchases a product through our recommendation at a discounted Member price, we receive a commission based on that discount.

The advantages of Member pricing are twofold: it provides customers with lower prices on quality products while allowing us to earn substantial commissions. The more referrals we make and the more purchases they make at Member prices, the higher our influencer bonuses become.

Imagine earning up to 100% of the difference between Member price and Retail price on over $25,000 in Retail Customer Volume with a staggering $17,000 Member Pricing difference. These Influencer Bonuses are not dependent on rank and can be earned irrespective of our position within the company.

Influencer Bonuses

By promoting products with Member pricing advantages, we can earn generous Influencer Bonuses based on the difference between the Member price and Retail price. These Influencer Bonuses provide us with performance rewards that reflect our ability to drive Retail customer volume and achieve Influencer level advancements. Here’s why these bonuses are so powerful:

  1. Performance rewards: As influencers, we have the opportunity to be rewarded for our hard work and dedication. The more we promote products with Member pricing advantages, the higher our chances of earning significant Influencer Bonuses. This allows us to see tangible results for our efforts and motivates us to continue excelling in our role.
  2. Retail customer volume: By attracting a large number of Retail customers who purchase products at the Member price, we can increase our chances of earning substantial Influencer Bonuses. Our ability to generate high Retail customer volume not only benefits us financially but also showcases our influence and effectiveness as promoters.
  3. Influencer level advancements: The more successful we are in driving Retail customer volume and earning Influencer Bonuses, the higher we can advance in our influencer levels within LiveGood’s compensation plan. Advancing in rank brings additional benefits and commissions, providing us with even more power and opportunities for growth within the company.
  4. Unlimited potential: Unlike other commission structures, where earnings may be limited or capped, there is no limit to how much we can earn through these Influencer Bonuses. With every increase in Retail customer volume and advancement in influencer levels, our potential for earning grows exponentially.

Earn Additional Bonuses on All Volume From Referred Retail Customers

Take advantage of the opportunity to earn additional bonuses on all volume from referred Retail Customers. At LiveGood, we understand the power that comes with earning bonuses. And when it comes to your referral volume and retail commissions, we want you to maximize your potential.

When it comes to earned bonuses, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. By referring Retail Customers and generating volume through their purchases, you have the chance to earn even more bonuses on top of your existing commissions. It’s an incredible opportunity for those who desire power and want to take their earnings to new heights.

With our referral program, every purchase made by a Retail Customer you refer can contribute towards your bonus earnings. The more referrals and volume you generate, the greater your chances of earning substantial bonuses. It’s a powerful incentive that rewards your efforts in growing your network and expanding your business.

The beauty of these earned bonuses is that they are separate from other commission structures like Fast Start Commissions or Matrix Commissions. They provide an additional layer of income based solely on the retail activity generated by your referred customers. So not only do you earn commissions on their purchases through our retail commission structure, but you also have the potential for extra bonuses based on their total volume.

At LiveGood, we believe in empowering our affiliates with opportunities for growth and success. That’s why we offer these earned bonuses as a way for you to amplify your earning potential and take control of your financial future.

Matching Bonuses

Maximize your earning potential with our matching bonuses, which allow you to earn a percentage of commissions on people enrolled five generations deep. With our powerful compensation plan and team building strategies, you can unlock incredible financial opportunities. Here’s why our matching bonuses will empower you:

  1. Unlimited Potential: Our matching bonuses have no limits. You can match commissions from an unlimited number of people, giving you the opportunity to exponentially grow your earnings.
  2. Generational Depth: By earning matching bonuses on people enrolled five generations deep, you can tap into a vast network of potential income streams. This depth allows you to leverage the success of your entire team.
  3. Massive Rewards: Matching bonuses are even bigger than other commission structures like Fast Start Commissions and Matrix Bonuses. With higher percentages based on rank, your earnings have the potential for substantial growth.
  4. Building Strong Teams: Our matching bonuses incentivize team building by rewarding you for the success of those you enroll and their subsequent enrollments. This creates a collaborative and motivated environment where everyone is working towards shared goals.

As individuals driven by power and success, we understand the importance of maximizing our earning potential through strategic compensation plans like ours at LiveGood. Our matching bonuses reward your efforts in team building and provide unparalleled opportunities for financial growth. Join us today and unlock the full potential of your earning capabilities!

Match 50% of Matrix Commissions

Unlock the potential of your earnings by matching 50% of the matrix commissions you receive. At LiveGood, we understand that power comes from maximizing your income and seizing every opportunity for growth. That’s why our matrix commission structure is designed to reward your efforts and propel you towards success.

With our matching bonus percentages, you have the power to earn even more. When you enroll others into our program, not only will you receive commissions on their matrix earnings, but you’ll also match 50% of those commissions. Imagine the possibilities when your team starts to flourish and their success becomes your success.

Advancing in rank within our compensation plan offers distinct advantages. As you climb the ranks, not only do you gain increased benefits, but your commission potential expands exponentially. Each promotion brings new opportunities for higher earnings and greater influence within the organization.

By unlocking this powerful feature of matching 50% of matrix commissions, you can create a network that thrives on collective success. There are no limits to how many people you can match or how much you can earn through this incredible opportunity. The sky truly is the limit.

Join us at LiveGood and tap into a compensation plan that empowers individuals like never before. Take control of your financial future by leveraging our matrix commission structure, embracing matching bonus percentages, and capitalizing on the advantages of rank advancement. Together, we can unlock a world of endless possibilities and achieve unprecedented levels of prosperity.

Diamond and Crown Diamond Pools

In our quest for power and financial success, we must now explore the enticing world of the Diamond and Crown Diamond Pools. These pools offer a lucrative opportunity to further enhance our earnings and secure our position as true leaders in the LiveGood compensation plan.

  1. Sales Distribution: The Diamond Pool consists of 2% of total sales, while the Crown Diamond Pool includes 0.5% of total sales. This means that a substantial portion of revenue is dedicated solely to these exclusive pools, ensuring ample rewards for those who qualify.
  2. Division of Earnings: The division of these pools is equal among all qualified Diamond and Crown Diamond affiliates. This means that each deserving member receives their fair share based on their rank and achievements within the organization.
  3. Qualifying Criteria: To partake in the lavish benefits offered by these pools, one must attain either the esteemed Diamond or Crown Diamond rank. Achieving such ranks requires exceptional performance, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence.
  4. Limitless Potential: The allure lies not only in the additional commissions earned from these pools but also in their limitless potential for growth. As our team expands and reaches new heights, so too does the size and significance of these pools, exponentially increasing our earning potential.

Rank Advancement

Advancing in rank within LiveGood’s structure leads to increased benefits and commissions, motivating affiliates to strive for greatness. As we climb the ranks, our power and influence grow, allowing us to reap even greater rewards. The path to higher ranks is not an easy one, as it requires meeting specific performance achievements and fulfilling rank requirements.

At each level of advancement, we unlock a new tier of benefits that further solidify our position of power within the organization. These increased benefits include access to exclusive training programs led by industry experts, priority customer support, and enhanced marketing resources. With these advantages at our disposal, we can maximize our potential and elevate our earnings to unprecedented heights.

Rank requirements serve as a roadmap for success on this journey towards greatness. By setting clear goals and objectives for each rank, LiveGood ensures that only the most dedicated and driven individuals rise through the ranks. From consistently meeting sales targets to building a strong team of affiliates, every step forward brings us closer to achieving our desired rank.

Performance achievements are key milestones on our quest for power within LiveGood’s structure. As we surpass sales quotas and exceed expectations, we prove ourselves worthy of higher ranks and all the accompanying privileges they entail. Our hard work is recognized and rewarded with increased commissions that reflect both our dedication and impact on the company’s growth.


In conclusion, the Live Good Compensation Plan offers a comprehensive and lucrative opportunity for affiliates to earn commissions and bonuses. With various ways to earn income, such as Fast Start Commissions, Matrix Commissions, and Retail Commissions, affiliates have multiple streams of potential revenue. The plan also emphasizes rank advancement, providing increased benefits and commissions as affiliates progress in their business. Overall, the Live Good Compensation Plan is designed to reward hard work and success, making it an attractive option for individuals looking to build a successful business.

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